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Catering Festivity Party

Why Backyard Taco Catering is the Perfect Choice for Your Next EventPhoto from Unsplash

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Why Backyard Taco Catering is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Event

Celebratory events are meant to be enjoyed, but it can be difficult to really soak in those special moments if you are stressed about all the details that go into making an event great. Making the choice to have your event catered can take a huge load off you while also enriching the quality of your event.

Why Choose Taco Catering?

Guests tend to remember the presence of a catering service for its addition of great food and a touch of class. Plus, when you hire a caterer, you are hiring someone with extensive knowledge about food, including ideal combinations of main courses and sides and even how to ensure there is little to no waste. With all of these benefits in mind, there is really no reason to forego partnering with a caterer to host your special event!

Tacos are one popular catering option that is on the rise, and this is true for many reasons. Today’s events often include guests with varying dietary restrictions or preferences, such as intolerances to gluten or dairy. Because tacos can include as many or as few ingredients and toppings as you like, they are a great option for those guests who may need to stay away from an allergen. The best part is that you are still able to provide a full list of those options for other guests.

This customizability is just one reason that Mexican cuisine is now considered the third most popular cuisine in terms of the number of restaurants open in the US, trailing behind American and pizza/Italian. Perhaps this statistic contributes to the 4.5 billion tacos that Americans consume every year. Regardless of the motivation, we love our tacos, and they are a flexible yet popular catering option that you really cannot go wrong with.

Backyard Taco Catering Services

Fiestas can be large or small, and no matter the size of your event, Backyard Taco can serve up the fun and Mexcellence.

Our catering options include:

Mexcellence Taco Bar – This option includes four tacos per person (minimum order of 10 people) with a choice of meat, tortillas (flour or corn), and toppings your guests can add themselves. We’ll provide fresh chopped cabbage, onion and cilantro along with refried beans, grilled onions, and jalapenos, chips and salsa, and additional sides upon request. This package also includes serving utensils, plates, cutlery, and napkins.

Individual Box Meals – These boxed meals can be ordered to contain two tacos, three tacos, or a burrito with your choice of meat and tortillas with refried beans, chips, and salsa. We’ll cater in as many or as few box meals as you like!

Burrito Tray – Burrito trays include a minimum of six burritos with your choice of meat, as well as chips and salsa.

Family Packs – This option feeds four to five people, perfect for the average family. You’ll get six tortillas, taco toppings, salsa, and one pound of the meat of your choice.

No matter the size of your fiesta or your party needs, Backyard Taco can help you provide a meaningful, fun experience for all your guests.

Special Events

When you choose Backyard Taco to cater your event, you will have the flexibility to meet the needs of a party of any size. Whether you are throwing a summer fiesta, a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, or are hosting any other type of gathering, Backyard Taco is the perfect solution to your catering needs.

You can expect an array of tasty dishes, the perfect sides to complement, and even a selection of unique beverages – just make your picks and we’ll handle the rest! Give your guests an experience to remember and talk about for a long time to come with Backyard Taco’s services.

We’re pleased to provide authentic Mexican cuisine for events of many types.

Celebrate Birthdays With a Taco Twist

Birthdays, especially for kids, are always more fun when there’s an exciting theme. By offering a catered taco bar, you open up a whole world of possibilities for party themes. You could choose a rustic western theme with cowboys, horses, desert decor, and elements of the Wild West. You could also do a traditional Mexican-themed party, including fun party hats, a pinata, and even an authentic Mexican dessert or cake.

Tacos can be a great option for quinceaneras as well. Authentic tacos remain in keeping with the cultural feel of the party and please all your hungry guests with a tasty, filling meal. Backyard Tacos party catering packages can also include desserts and beverages to add a little spice to your next birthday party extravaganza.

Anniversary Parties Made Special With Tacos

Anniversary parties are sweet and thoughtful, meant to reflect years’ worth of love, self-sacrifice, care, and devotion. While you may not want a fast food taco-style meal, our authentic tacos al carbon are a flavorful, stylish way to eat your favorite food on your favorite day with your favorite person. With some mood lighting and elegant table settings, a taco bar catering spread can be made as classy as any other catered meal.

Corporate Events Get a Flavorful Upgrade

Going into the same office every day can already be dull enough, which is why your office party menu should be fun and different. With a taco bar comes the option to mix and match all sorts of toppings, flavors, and colors in unique ways that everyone can enjoy. In addition, instead of trying to plan alternate meals or food options for those who have allergies or intolerances, give everyone a chance to build their own tacos and solve most of those issues.

With Backyard Tacos catering services, you will be bringing an air of spice and flavor to your workplace event. Forget the typical cold sandwiches and over-done pizza parties that no one talks about once the party is over. Give your guests the delicious gift of tacos for your next corporate party.

Summer Fiestas Like Never Before


Themed parties are always a fun way to kick off a new season or celebrate something special. Tacos can be such an easy, exciting way to gather a group of friends together during the hot summer months. One of the best things about tacos is that they are perfect for any age, from kids to adults. With a taco bar, everyone can make their own exactly how they want it, as simple or complicated as they like.

Whether you are hosting a small family-size fiesta or a large party, tacos can always fit the atmosphere. When you coordinate your activities and decor to fit the size of your gathering, you can make a taco bar fit right in. Mexican-themed parties, as with any themed party, rely on the excellence of the food to really make the experience a great one. Backyard Taco has the experience and ingredients you need to create a summer fiesta to remember.

Top 5 Reasons Tacos Are the Perfect Option

While there are many, many reasons why tacos are the best decision to make for your upcoming event, we have narrowed them down to our top five.

Here they are, in no particular order!

  1. Everyone Can Eat Tacos!

    As we mentioned earlier, the best part of being able to build your own meal is that everyone can participate without standing out because of an allergy or intolerance. Do you have a guest who cannot eat meat? No problem! They can still have a delicious taco filled with vegetables and flavorful sauces. Is someone at your party intolerant of dairy products or allergic to a vegetable? At a taco bar, they can leave off the cheese or cabbage while still enjoying all the other wonderful things the Mexican cuisine has to offer. You can even please the vegetarians in your group with our delicious beans and sides, perfect for packing into a tortilla.

  2. Tacos Take Minimal Effort to Eat

    Maybe you are hosting a sports party where fans want to cheer when their team scores or wins. Perhaps you want to provide an atmosphere that encourages people to mingle as they eat and enjoy the company of others. Tacos offer the fun option of holding your whole meal in one hand while using your other hand to cheer for your favorite team, hold a cold drink, or shake hands with your newest friend.

  3. Tacos Are Complemented Wonderfully by Great Drinks

    At Backyard Taco, we offer a full slate of festive drinks, including horchata, limonada, and jamaica. These authentic beverages pair well with a taco, burrito, or even chips and salsa. There is nothing better than a cool drink to ease the heat from a spicy taco or complement the flavors of Mexican spices.

  4. Tacos Can be Dressed Down or Dressed Up

    One of the most compelling reasons to choose a taco bar for your event is that taco bars are just as versatile as tacos themselves. You can make a taco fit an elegant event, a backyard event, and everything in between.

  5. Everyone Loves Tacos!

    Kids and adults alike enjoy tacos because of their flavorful simplicity. Kids love any type of food that they get to build and put together themselves. Plus, they’re great for picky eaters, people who love Mexican cuisine, spice enthusiasts, and more.

How to Spice Up Your Taco Bar


No doubt, tacos are great by themselves. But if you are looking to spice your party up a bit with some fun sides and beverages, Backyard Taco has you covered!

Some of the beverages, desserts, and sides we can include in addition to the traditional packages include:

  • Chips and Salsa – Chips and salsa are great to serve as a side but can also function well as an appetizer to serve while people are still arriving at your event. Rather than having guests stand around hungry and waiting for the main course, give them a taste of all the goodness that is to come with some light chips and salsa.
  • Flan – Mexican food is not only known for tacos. One of the most popular Mexican desserts is flan, an egg custard known for its creaminess and rich, sweet flavor. Offering this dessert at your gathering will give your guests something to remember and talk about for a long time.
  • Mexican Sour Cream – If you love sour cream and have never had Backyard Taco’s Mexican sour cream, you are in for a treat. While Mexican sour cream is similar to American sour cream, it is known for being thinner, meaning it can easily be used as a topping, condiment, or sauce. At Backyard Taco, our Mexican sour cream is prepared with lime juice, which not only helps to thin it out but also gives it a delicious tangy flavor.
  • Horchata – Horchata is a traditional non-alcoholic Mexican beverage that is made from cinnamon, milk, rice, and sweetener. It is served cold and can be super refreshing on a hot day. Backyard Taco can also make a version of horchata without dairy for those with intolerances or allergies.
  • Limonada – This refreshing beverage is made from water, sugar, and lime juice. Depending on the season, you can serve limonada hot or cold. It stands out from typical lemonade because it uses lime juice instead of lemonade, giving it a unique flavor. This beverage will leave your guests asking for the recipe!
  • Jamaica – Jamaica, also known as hibiscus water, is a bright red tea beverage made from the dried hibiscus flower. Leave behind the bitter black teas in exchange for this sweet, refreshingly tangy agua fresca.
  • Mexican Coke – Mexican Coca-Cola is very different from the typical American Coke. The biggest difference is that American Coke uses high fructose corn syrup as the central sweetener, while Mexican Coke uses white sugar. This creates a distinct taste that your guests will fall in love with.

Choose Taco Catering for Your Next Party


Choosing tacos for a large party can be one of the wisest planning decisions you make. While it is hard to please everyone, the option of a taco bar gives everyone the opportunity to eat something delicious and filling. Tacos are also a great way to provide food for a large number of people. The diversity of tasty fillings, sides, and beverages makes this a hard option to pass up. When you pair Backyard Taco’s delicious tacos with a fun theme, a great guest list, and exciting entertainment, you will be planning an event that everyone will enjoy and remember.

Here at Backyard Taco, we are passionate about helping make your event fun and festive. Whether you are catering a large event, a small gathering, or anything in between, let Backyard Taco make it spectacular with the addition of tacos. Contact us at any of our Phoenix-area locations to schedule your catering services.


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